In February 1996 Bittercreek Alehouse was born out of 2 brothers genuine love for the growing northwest craft beer scene.    Our success has always been a product of our amazing team, the 2 brothers could never have made it go this long without a ton of help, an alumni of amazing people, some still working with us after all these years and countless others who now represent some of Boise’s finest.
We began using the term ‘Good Beer’ at some point to highlight beer we especially loved, our quest was to have our taps filled with ‘Good Beer’.


Good Beer comes from a brewery with ownership you can meet, real people who work at the brewery.  While we might like many corporate beer offerings including craft breweries who sold their business to some corporate entity, we choose to support small independent brewers rather than put resources into fuzzy corporate operations.


Good Beer represents place; rare lambics, saisons, farmhouse ales or traditionally produced lagers find space on our taps.


Good Beer comes from a brewery that cares about its environmental footprint, making beer is resource intensive and the good places are working to do this better.


Good Beer is always awesome to drink, goes without saying.


Good Beer is Local!  Supporting our locally owned independent breweries, especially those who themselves support local – like our local farmers – helps to keep Good Fresh Beer flowing.


Here at Bittercreek Alehouse we have our own brewery, a little brewery in the basement.   This small brewery allows us to do some fun special things for our guests in the restaurant and it helps to provide R&D for a 2nd brewery that we own – Woodland Empire.   Shamefully we allow 3-5 Woodland beers to hit our taps, well, because we can and we are really proud of the beer we produce.   Being owners of 2 small breweries doesn’t change our focus, Good Beer will always have a home on our taps, while we love the beers we make, we are a craft beer bar that prides itself on having a world class approach to curating and serving ‘Good Beer’.  Thank you for supporting us and for supporting all local breweries where they are local.

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